Water tank waterproofing system

Potable water is the most precious natural resource and necessary for our existence. Nowadays, we perceive the access to clear, contaminant-free drinking water as a common good. This creates the need for clean, healthy, safe and watertight facilities to process and store water.  These kinds of steel or concrete facilities are the water tanks, reservoirs, water treatment or desalination plants which are constructed by following specific drinking water regulations and specifications as described by each country’s legislation. Tests of mineral content, water treatment, temperature, PH, and chemicals must be constantly occurring to sustain healthy water conditions. Therefore, old facilities need maintenance and waterproofing and the new plants must guarantee a long service-life.   

Water tanks are facing different kind of threats and must be well watertight, while being protected from positive and negative pressure. Deterioration can be caused because of chemical attacks, abrasion, changes of temperature or the regular wet and dry cycling.   

The underground water pressure can develop hairline cracks that can allow underground water and soluble salts to penetrate and create corrosion to the steel reinforcement. Also, if there a proper internal waterproofing system is not installed, the water pressure can create water leakages that can cause structural damages.  In addition, if there are water leakages the problem of growth of microorganisms or bacteria can appear and cause health problems.   

That is why, the waterproofing materials that are used in potable water tanks must provide high standards of waterproofing and safety. They need to prevent algae and mold formation and be resistant to highly hydrostatic pressures and to corrosion.  

ALCHIMICA’s water tank and reservoirs waterproofing system based on the two-component, thixotropic coating HYPERDESMO®-2K-W protects infrastructures from abrasion, wet/dry cycles, and chemicals. Our solvent free solution, HYPERDESMO®-2K-W which is certified for use in potable water tanks offers durability by being extremely hydrophobic and hydrolysis resistant.   

Furthermore, for the external waterproofing of water tanks, our certified HYPERDESMO®-PB with its outstanding crack bridging capabilities and chemical resistance tackle from the beginning threats as unequal static forces, water ingress, aggressive chemicals, gas penetration, external mechanical pressures, and temperature variations. 

With our proven and competitive solutions, we minimize the cost of maintenance, providing protection and long-term service life. We set new standards in waterproofing.  


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