Designed to ensure ideal conditions!   Utilizing our cutting-edge and superior polyurethane technologies we innovate again with the aim of delivering building excellence. ALCHIMICA responds to the latest energy efficiency standards of buildings and launches the new and innovative polyurethane plaster ‘’HYGROSMART PU PLASTER’’ based on the HYPERDESMO® technology, that guarantees the excellent performance of the ETAG 004 ETICS system, HYGROSMART® COVER OVER SYSTEM.   Based on ALCHIMICA’s innovative polyurethane technology, the PU PLASTER is a final coating with excellent breathability that ensures excellent resistance to environmental stresses and thanks to its high-water repellence and elasticity gives additional protection to thermal insulation systems.   With excellent ease of application even at high temperatures, the PU PLASTER offers excellent coverage, and its easy colouring ensures the aesthetic perfection for upgrading the facades of buildings.   Energy efficiency Shielding Aesthetic perfection 
    The ZLOTY/GOLD MEDAL is  one of the most recognizable awards in Poland for high performance innovative building materials. Winners from each industry are selected by a prestigious group of experts. The competition awards innovation and creativity. Only those products and services that stand out on the market due to their quality, technological and functional values ​​can apply for the Gold Medal.   ALCHIMICA together with ALCHIMICA POLSKA will participate in the International Poznan Trade Fair BUDMA 2022, sharing the success we enjoy in the Polish market. BUDMA 2022 will mark another special occasion as HYPERDESMO®-COLD CURE POLYUREA ZERO will be officially awarded the ZLOTY GOLD MEDAL 2022 for its innovative solvent less, Zero VOC cold polyurea based liquid waterproofing membrane.   HYPERDESMO®-COLD CURE POLYUREA ZERO is a cold-applied, two-component polyurea membrane that is odorless and has zero VOC (100% solids content). It is a fast cross-bonding product (curing takes about 1.5 hours), and the membrane obtains resistance to falling rain already after 30 minutes from application! The product displays excellent mechanical properties, high tensile and tear strength, high abrasion resistance and chemical resistance properties.   The HYPERDESMO®-COLD CURE POLYUREA ZERO is designed for waterproofing of concrete roofs, lightweight fiber cement roofs as well bathrooms, terraces and balconies, for the refurbishment of asphalt membranes and can even be used as the waterproofing layer underneath stone carpets.   Find more: HYPERDESMO®-COLD CURE POLYUREA ZERO    
  • HYPERSEAL polyurethane sealant technology
    Concrete is an extremely stable and durable material, but it is not an unbreakable one. For several reasons such as natural forces like thermal expansion (freeze-thaw phenomenon) or poor construction design, failure of concrete making or overloading, active or dormant cracks are created. These kinds of active cracks need to be first appointed and then repaired in order to address any stability and to protect the waterproofing membrane that will follow. Although hairline cracks can be accommodated by the flexibility of the HYPERDESMO® System’s polyurethane waterproofing membranes, bigger cracks that are formed by continuous movement are crucial to be repaired in order to prevent their transmission to the waterproofing membrane which will cause raptures. The first step is to observe and analyze the crack movement in order to decide the appropriate repair method. The test can be taken by using a rigid but non-shrink material to bridge the surface of the crack. In case there are not any expansion joints installed to accommodate the tensile strength of the structure’s movement, it is strongly recommended to carve them prior to any installation.  A correct design of joints is required for the long-term performance and longevity of the system. The benefits of flexible polyurethane sealants in active cracks for controlled movement. Regardless of crack width, polyurethane sealants are suitable for the treatment of small or larger cracks ad they form a permanent, tough and elastic seal.  Moreover, they satisfy the major requirements for crack filling by being fast curing and having strong adhesion, strength, high elongation properties, good workability, stability and long-term performance. ALCHIMICA’s advanced polyurethane technology sealants offer excellent bonding to clean concrete. How to apply Opening the crack Cracks smaller than 5mm need to be opened manually at a minimum width of 5mm Substrate preparation The edges should be sound and clean from any grease or oil contaminants and a vacuum cleaner should be used to removing any dust. Application of HYPERSEAL sealants Using a caulking gun and with nominal pressure the sealant, fill the crack. Slightly excess amount should be applied for tooling and finishing purposes. Finishing and cleaning The sealant should be tooled immediately with a spatula by pressing against the joint to remove air pockets and to ensure 100% contact and adhesion with the surface. Learn more about HYPERSEAL® polyurethane products
  • Geotextile Membranes -ALCHIMICA
    In the construction industry, professionals are always looking for new ways to improve the efficiency of their installations and deliver durable projects using new materials and methods. In the case of waterproofing system installations, geotextile reinforcement provides an important benefit of reinforcing elastomeric materials for a long-term protective solution because they are more effective than a glass mesh, or fiberglass mesh, both of which can also be used for the same purpose. Geotextiles are fabric made sheets that are used as reinforcement in various applications but mainly are used in drainage and construction projects. For the most difficult and demanding areas of construction to a simple concrete roof, geotextile fabrics can be used for drainage and filtration purposes, for stabilizing the ground or even in reinforcement materials. They are divided in two categories, the non-woven and the woven geotextiles, which both have differences on how they are produced, their properties and how they are used in applications. Woven geotextiles have a high load capacity and tensile strength, are mainly impermeable and they are ideal for stabilization and reinforcement applications. On the other hand, ideal for waterproofing applications are the non-woven geotextiles which although they possess a lower tensile strength, they provide durability and ease of application benefits. Geotextile in waterproofing applications Geotextiles protect and separate a membrane from a structure. With their pre-brake elongation capacity, higher than other materials such as glass mesh or fiberglass mesh, they can follow the movement of elastomeric waterproofing materials, achieving reinforcement and long-term durability. It is common for unsound substrates to have high movement or large cracks which can cause problems on unarmed waterproofing membranes, causing tearing of the membranes and/or loss of adhesion. Even if the elastomeric waterproofing membranes hold great elongation properties, they still need reinforcement because the crack’s width may increase in the future. In that way they prevent the potential creation of future cracks in membranes. To effectively seal and protect details in an area like a roof we can use wet on wet a waterproofing membrane with geotextile, securing their efficiency against water ingression and mechanical pressures. This is a reliable method of reinforcing construction details, flashing, joints etc. and repairing existing cracks and gaps. ALCHIMICA offers a high-tensile strength range of non-woven geotextiles, made of 100% polyester fibers, manufactured with the needle punching process. They can be applied on the full surface between the first two layers of the HYPERDESMO® System, providing the required reinforcement of waterproofing in certain applications (i.e. over old bitumen membranes, unsound screeds) by preventing the potential creation of future cracks They are suitable for either solvent-based or water based liquid waterproofing systems. Find more about our products:



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