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The need of energy efficient buildings

Energy upgrade: modern needs and environment 

In recent times, the reduction of corporate and individual carbon footprint and the further minimization of our daily activities that impact global climate has become a priority, as the effects of climate imbalance are now visible in our everyday life, especially in modern cities more than ever before. 

For that reason, a building’s energy efficiency improvement and the proper building planning in cities is an urgent need. It may not be widely known, but buildings absorb about 30% of the energy consumption, with 30% of the total emissions coming from them. 

Buildings are considered “organisms” that consume, absorb and dissipate energy. Nowadays, the construction industry is creating new development models with an efficient energy saving orientation. Modern building trends aim to reduce energy consumption through the utilization of clean natural resources and systems. This large-scale practice can work in creating microclimates in large cities, favoring the environment. 

The shift to energy-efficient "smart" buildings made of environmentally friendly materials, shielding them with proper waterproofing and thermal insulation systems, can be definitely the sign for a better future with improved living standards, especially in densely populated areas.

The solution of external thermal insulation  

The external thermal insulation composite system increases the energy saving efficiency, by resulting in up to 60% energy savings while reducing the development of carbon emissions created by heating and cooling needs, thus the application is considered as a green and sustainable construction practice.  

For the creation of ideal indoor temperature (Winter 20°C - Summer 26°C), the thermal losses need to be as few as possible and the indoor temperature to be slightly affected by the outdoor conditions. There are many factors that affect thermal losses, such as the type of building materials that have been used in the construction or the existence of cracks and thermal bridges. 

Therefore, the selection, design and installation of the right external thermal insulation composite system are parameters that determine the energy efficiency in a building and its internal conditions. 

ALCHIMICAΤΜ offers the solution: Learn more about the HYGROSMART® COVER OVER SYSTEM, the external thermal insulation composite system. 

External thermal insulation in any climatic conditions and environment.  

Durability, reliability and aesthetics with the innovative products of ALCHIMICAΤΜ.  


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