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HYGROSMART® COVER OVER SYSTEM - External thermal insulation Composite system!

ALCHIMICA™ Building Chemicals, launches the HYGROSMART® COVER OVER SYSTEM, the new CE certified external thermal insulation composite system, which consists of ALCHIMICA’s high quality and performance guaranteed products. The system has been developed to be applied fast, efficiently and with ease in all environmental conditions – it is tested to offer long-lasting performance, elasticity and the reduction of thermal losses for energy efficient buildings.

Energy saving is a critical factor for environmental protection and buildings have a big part on this as well. The HYGROSMART® COVER OVER SYSTEM has been designed based on the principles of sustainability and preservation, to which ALCHIMICA ™ remains firmly committed. The system guarantees the reduction of the building’s energy needs and therefore the reduction of carbon emissions. At the same time, it ensures the reduction in energy cooling and heating consumption and fast return on the investment cost.

System benefits:

Performance Guarantee

Due to the high quality, durable and reliable materials that is consisted of, HYGROSMART® COVER OVER SYSTEM is CE certified with ETAG 004. The certification proves its elasticity, the compatibility with different structural elements and its adaptability to any environmental conditions, offering maximum resistance to mechanical stresses for years to come.

Energy saving

The HYGROSMART® COVER OVER SYSTEM, consisting of the high quality and efficient materials of ALCHIMICA™ results in the building’s efficient energy saving, reducing in that way the need to operate cooling and heating systems all year round, with substantial benefits in energy consumption costs.

Thermal losses are minimized by increasing building materials heat capacity while allowing the walls to breathe. In addition, the system seals the facades against moisture ingression and protects them from cracks due to weather and mechanical stresses. The building’s energy efficiency upgrade offers the ideal thermal comfort and wellness conditions in an internal environment.

Fast return of investment

A successful application of external thermal insulation contributes substantially to maintain building’s internal temperatures and therefore reduce energy consumption, lowering costs. Thus, the relationship between the investment cost and application benefits starts to pay off in a short period of time.

The energy efficient upgrade of a building is definitely a safe investment as it has a fast depreciation due to the reduction of consumption costs for heating and cooling over time. At the same time, building’s commercial value is enhanced as the exterior is upgraded with  the aesthetic touches that are placed in the facades.

Aesthetic Perfection

You can renew the facades and upgrade your building’s aesthetics with finish coats in hundrends of colours.


Conditions of comfort and well-being

Breathe fresh air without humidity and enjoy ideal internal conditions of comfort and well-being, both in winter and summer, by shielding your home with the HYGROSMART® COVER OVER SYSTEM. For more information click here.

           External thermal insulation in any environmental condition.

Durability, reliability and aesthetic with ALCHIMICA’s innovative products.


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